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6 Dec

Local SEO or Organic SEO?

Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a power tool we can utilize to help direct traffic to your website. But the question is what type of SEO would you be most interested in? There are a few factors that can effect the type of SEO that would work best for you. Some business can benefit from using both local and organic SEO. 
2 Factors to think about:
• Are you a brick and mortar company?
• Are there location boundaries for  your business/services? (Cities, States, or Countries)
Understanding the difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO:
SEO works by helping your website rank with certain keywords. You could type “Website Design” into your search engine and its going to be an organic search that’s pulling up website design from anywhere. Now let’s say you live in North Carolina and you’re wanting to have a website built locally in Mooresville. You can type “Mooresville NC Website Design” or something like it with the precise location you are looking to have services done in and it will narrow your search result down starting with the top ranked websites for that area. 
SEO is a big part of getting your presence on Google and other search engines! McBryde Website Design can do all of this for you! We offer a couple of options you can choose from but we are really emphasizing on our Local SEO package. Give us a call and we can go over all the details that goes into our Local SEO package and address any questions or concerns that you may have. 704-660-7052 
9 Aug

How Does Internet Marketing Help?

Internet Marketing

The internet is a great tool that allows people from all over the world to connect.  New connections are made all the time by people coming across a business that they didn’t even know existed by typing keywords into a search engine such as Google and checking out the results.  You want your business showing up in those results and getting as many viewers as you can get, right!? Of course you do! But how can you drive the traffic to your website? The answer is Internet Marketing.

Basically, once you’ve built your website all the pages are indexed making it possible for your site to be found. But the problem is a combination of the fact most sites doesn’t consist of a bunch of pages and most people doesn’t make updates to their pages very often.  When a site just sits it sort of gets forgotten about and Google doesn’t stop by to check it out.  To keep Google wanting to come back for more we need to be creating new content regularly and an awesome way to do this is by blogging. Every blog is a one more indexed page for your website and another opportunity for your business to show up in search results. This is how you drive that traffic to you!  

Now, let’s not forget about social media.  People everywhere is always either on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social media site which makes it the perfect tool for advertising! Creating links that drives more people from social media sites straight to your website.

If this service is something you would be interested in setting up on your site or if you like more information just give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the details with you!  704-660-7052

13 Aug

Restaurant Resale

Restaurant Resale

We are happy to announce a new client for our Internet marketing & website maintenance program: Restaurant Resale!

The owner approached me several weeks after the website was launched with numerous concerns, but primarily for our marketing services.  The gentleman that designed the website did a very good job and was upfront that a marketing campaign would be necessary, he recommended us and the rest is history.

Restaurant Resale is a classified advertising website for buying and selling commercial restaurant equipment.  All the advertising and marketing is provided for each listing (by me) for the owner/seller of the oven, stove, freezer, etc…

The process is very easy:

  • Create an account at Restaurant Resale with all the necessary information
  • Pay one low fee per listing
  • Create the listing for the equipment
  • Submit it for review

Shortly thereafter it is “LIVE” on the website and the advertising and promotion begins for the item.  The concept behind Restaurant Resale is to provide a cost effective and easy way for commercial grade restaurant equipment owners to sell their unwanted items.  Restaurant Resale does all the marketing to connect the buyer to the seller, once that connection is made, the two parties work out the transaction without input from Restaurant Resale, simple.

I have worked on local, statewide, east coast and nationally targeted marketing campaigns that have been very successful.  Our abilities at McBryde Website Design, has evolved with the addition of intelligent, motivated and inspirational team members that enable me to focus on larger projects like this one.  The support of a professional team of experts is something I relish and makes me confident in the success of Restaurant Resale and many other marketing campaigns current and future.

Kevin Smith


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