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23 Sep

Komology LLC


Komology LLC,

A while back we were approached by the good folks over at Komology LLC. The focus of this company is marketing a multitude of insurance programs designed to fit an individuals needs. Some of their programs include everything from a comprehensive home appliance plan, to travel insurance for those going abroad. After a little brainstorming and cooperation, the idea for came to light. With one simple purpose, serve as an information and marketing portal for a broader Komfort Group of Companies, all of which focus on the Komfort of their clients.

But Komology didn’t just want to sell you insurance, oh no. They indeed had another purpose that could be much more appealing to some. has been set up with a Referral Partnership page that allows any individual to sign up and get paid for everyone they refer to the Komfort Group of Companies line of services. But that is not all, if you refer another Referral Partner, you’ll get a portion of every referral they make.

Without further ado, McBryde Website Design proudly introduces

4 Sep

Customer Spotlight – Taylor Lawn Care








Adam Taylor is a professional landscaper in Mooresville; he came to us in 2012 with a need for an improved Internet presence.  He didn’t have a website or any means to create this presence, so he turned to us.

Step 1: Create the website!  Even though Adam has decades of training and experience with hundreds of projects under his belt, we began the project with limited images of his work.  Thankfully, as the project developed more and more data has been added.  Today, his website has nearly 30+ pages of information on his landscaping services.

Step 2: Promote the company!  Adam Taylor is one of our most preferred customers, he trusts our judgment to promote his business and provide him with quality leads thru our work on his project and the Internet.  We utilize a methodology designed by our manager exclusively for Taylor Lawn Care.  This approach includes:

  • SEO for the web pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Content Writing
  • And numerous other aspects

Step 3: Maintain the project!  Creating a website and Internet presence is only the beginning, in the highly competitive world of professional landscaping; a constant maintenance program must be adhered to.  We work on this project numerous times every month to keep his brand active and recognized.

Kevin Smith
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