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23 May

Memorial Day Monday May 27th

McBryde will be closed this coming Monday, May 27th, for the Memorial Day holiday. We would like to thank those who serve, have served, and died serving in our armed forces to protect the freedoms we enjoy everyday. Thank-you and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

3 May

Plumbing Problems! Uhg!



From time to time everyone has plumbing problems. I remember one of my co-workers telling me about how the toilet back home would stop up frequently for no reason. It was a mystery to me because I’m not experienced with plumbing but I told her about the guys over at All Star Plumbing!

They are a local, family owned Lake Norman Plumbing Service that provides clog and leak repairs to the plumbing of your home, not to mention backflow installation and maintenance, water heater replacement and installation, and much more. They are always professional and give quality service to everyone within the Lake Norman area including Statesville.

I remember my co-working coming into work and telling us that she had called All Star Plumbing and they had used their snake camera to see what was clogging her toilet. It turns out that roots from the huge tree across the street had invaded the pipes and was preventing anything from passing through. Imagine that! She said that it wasn’t more than 15 minutes before they were done, apparently having tools to clear the roots from the pipes. He instructed her that to prevent the roots from returning she should pour root killer down her toilet every 6 months or so. She was so impressed by their professionalism that she was set on calling only them for any other plumbing problems that arose in her home.

If you’re tired of your plumber not being on time or not fixing the issue, give All Star Plumbing a call. They are the Most Valuable Plumber in Lake Norman!

1 May

Need a veterinarian in Denver?

Here in the office we love our pets. We have two employees who are major cat lovers and we have an employees who loves pit bulls. Each employee care for their pets just as if they were their own children and there are plenty of crazy stories to go around, especially about a cat that goes by the name of Jolty.  There are so many stories of Jolty doing things to get the attention of his owner, such as getting up on the counters in the kitchen and knocking things off into the floor. It’s said that he also has many personalities with different names. It’s just such a treat to hear the funny stories about this cat. There is Tatter as well, who just so happens to be a dog trapped in a cat’s body. He loves to fetch and eat paper!

So, what about you? Is your pet a part of your family? If you live in the Denver / Lake Norman area, do you have a veterinarian that you can trust? Check out the Denver NC Veterinarian that provides professional care to cats and dogs in the community. They care for their patience and their owners and do everything they can to keep your pet healthy. If you’re looking for a better veterinarian and you live in Denver or Terrell go to Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic.


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