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20 Dec

The Edmund Center

The Edmund Center
Web Design: WordPress

Description: The Edmund Center was established in 1997. It has grown to four locations where more than 25 therapists help you relax and de-stress. All of our therapists also specialize in treating chronic pain, postural and biomechanical issues, athletic and countless other soft tissue injuries

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11 Dec

Mooresville Midget Football League

Web Design: XHTML, WordPress, Custom CSS, Custom Graphics

Description: Mooresville Midget Football League is dedicated to providing the children of the Mooresville community with purpose and skills in team work. They provide football and cheerleading programs to kids from 5 to 12, and have mentored individuals who have made their way into the NFL.


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4 Dec

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2012


T ’was the night before Christmas, & all across the Internet,

All E-Commerce sites were busy, on that you can bet.

The websites were spiffy, and coded with care,

In hopes that new visitors, would soon be there.


With their new WordPress blogs,

Lighting up like yule time logs.

Business owners were resting, all warm in their beds,

With visions of Internet sales dancing in their heads.


Our team was gathered to celebrate a good year,

Chris with his MONSTER TRUCK, Jenna’s cat ears.

I with my coffee, Tiffany her scarf,

& Wayne in the break room with his Pop Tarts.


When out on our server, there arose such a commotion,

I sprang to my monitor without a thought or notion.

I opened up a browser, Chrome not IE,

I wanted it quick, with a faster load speed.


The display all lit up, as the web page did load,

Brought forth a sight I did not know.

Then what to my eyes, did load oh so clear,

But a flash animated sleigh and eight reindeer.


It splashed across my screen, without hesitance or pause,

I recognized him fast, it was Santa Clause.

As I sat and watched, thinking I am going insane,

He called to the deer and he called them by name.


Now Facebook, Now Twitter, Now LinkedIn & Yahoo,

On Google, On Bing, I-Tunes and You Tube.

To the top of the window, almost out of my screen,

Now dash away dash away before you are print screened.


And then without notice, my server made a noise,

As it downloaded Santa and a large bag of toys.

I leaned back in my chair, with coffee in my cup,

Anxious like a child with a new baby pup.


Santa was cool, with his pimped out ride,

Dressed all in red, with white fur on the side.

He looked out at me and gave me a wink,

Right through my monitor, which made me stop to think.


Could all this be true, or is it just a dream,

Should I reach out and pinch my self, back to reality it would seem.

But Santa spoke to me and everything was just right,

He said “Good Job McBryde!” “Merry Christmas & Good Night!”


Thank you for yet another successful year,
we look forward to seeing and serving everyone even better in 2013!


Poem Rendition by: Kevin Smith
Artwork by: Jenna Alexander


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