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27 May

Memorial Day Weekend

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, there is always an abundance of activities to enjoy:

  • Coco-Cola 600
  • Lake Norman
  • NC/SC Beaches
  • Graduation Parties
  • Cookouts
  • Minor League Baseball

And numerous other activities we always enjoy on this extended weekend.

Let us not forget the true meaning of this holiday weekend; those brave men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice to uphold our rights and freedom.

I was reminded of this earlier today as I met with a close friend and his family, barely a week before he is deployed to Afghanistan for a second tour of duty.

“Speedy” as we love to call him, is a US Marine and proud American. He has fought for our country before and will very soon, be fighting for us again. His attitude is always upbeat and positive, the smile is literally tattooed on his face like the American flag is on his arm.

“Speedy” is this weekend, along with thousands of others just like him. Stop for a second sometime this weekend and remember those who went before us and those who go for us now. Say a prayer for our true heroes and our fallen heroes. They are what make America great!

Kevin Smith

26 May

Website Design Fears

Recently I was asked to review a website and provide a quote to redesign & host. Upon presentation to the owner, he replied that he was going to use a local student to build the website for less than 20% of my quote. I wished him well and offered future assistance if needed.

Here’s the issue: A large amount of the websites we acquire are from former webmasters that are unreachable by the website owner. The previous webmaster usually relocates without notice and the domain name and files are typically lost. The website owner usually has to start over with a new domain name and marketing campaign.

I know price is important and the down economy has everyone pinching pennys and counting coins, but the old addage “You Get What You Pay For” still applies.

Not just building a website for your business, but in all aspects of your business, use a reputable service provider. You wouldn’t want a handy man building your home on Lake Norman, would you?

Price is important, but quality and service after the sale is too!


19 May

Mrs. W’s Old Time Candy – Product Photoshoot

Sometimes our website design customers request us to take photos of their products, location or employees.  One of those customers was Mrs. W’s Old Time Candy. This customer’s website was design by one of our webmasters: Travis Hedrick. 

About Mrs. W’s Old Time Candy: The perfect blend of Toffee, Milk Chocolate and Almonds gives Mrs. W’s Homemade Candy it’s smoothly rich flavor. All natural ingredients, including pure cane sugar, make Mrs. W’s Homemade Candy an irresistible treat for young and old alike. See Website for more details

Here are some photos taken by one of our designers:
Tiffany Ringwald – Webmaster/Graphic Artist


McBryde Website Design is a Mooresville website hosting company that strives to keep customers happy with all their website needs. Choosing who to host your website through is a very important decision. There are a few questions you should always have for the host company before making your decision.    [&hellip

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